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Dr Belinda Coyte



Dr Coyte is a highly sought after doctor as one of a select few practitioners in Australia who have undertaken training in identifying and managing Tickborne diseases, mould exposure and CIRS (Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome). She also consults in the areas of chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia , Integrative cancer testing and treatment, mitochondrial disease and of course standard general practice conditions.

Dr Coyte has worked in general practice since 1985 and had also worked in the Adelaide University health clinic and for Healthdirect Telehealth Medicine for emergency calls. You may also have heard her on the 5AA radio station where she had a weekly talk back program on health from 2008-2010.

Dr Coyte describes her journey to Integrative Medicine below:

My Granny, Lady Vera White, had a profound influence on my life and when I was a child we would go on outings with a young Melbourne doctor who introduced me to medicine when I was only 11 years old. Once I was in medical school my Granny said to me “it’s what you do for other people that matters in life”. In her own life she helped to found the Australian Red Cross and my Grandfather helped to found the Royal Flying Doctor Service with Rev John Flynn as well as the Legacy foundation.

I became interested in the area of Integrative Medicine as I witnessed people with rare conditions, or hard to diagnose conditions, finding it difficult to navigate their lives and receive the care they needed. When I studied Integrative approaches to health I found a way to investigate and manage many of these conditions which helped to provide some relief to these patients.

I attended the first International Tickborne Disease Conference in Australia and completed my training with the Karl McManus Foundation in 2013. I have attended this conference each year since then and have also trained with Dr Sandeep Gupta in the Shoemaker Protocol in 2017.

I also undertook further training in mould diseases and Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS) in 2017.

I live with my husband, 2 stepsons, a hand raised parrot and a dog. I have 5 adult children of my own. I studied English at university and I have written 2 books. I also established and directed a medical history museum from 1998-1999. I speak English, some Italian and I know some sign language. I am passionate about helping to educate financially disadvantaged children.

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