Dr Antonia Turnbull


Dr Toni Turnbull graduated from Adelaide University in 1975 and worked in the hospital system for some years.  She then joined the psychiatric training scheme for two years before moving to Papua New Guinea as an Australian Volunteer, working in the area of Obstetrics, Paediatrics and General Medicine.

On returning to Adelaide in 1981, Dr Turnbull has been working in general practice, and for the last fifteen years also as a tutor at Adelaide Medical School in Problem Based Learning and Clinical Skills.

Over the past twenty years she has explored her particular areas of interest in geriatric medicine through caring for Nursing Home patients and also in nutritional and environmental medicine.

During 2015 Dr Turnbull commenced postgraduate study in Infertility using NaProTechnology.  She also started using genetic data to asses her patient's unique biochemical pathways which then combine together with epigenetic (environmental) influences to make us who we are. She has found this approach has been especially useful for helping people manage issues of infertility, fatigue and mood disorders.

Dr Turnbull is happy to see anyone with issues relating to anxiety, depression, genetic and biochemical pathway concerns, hormonal, thyroid, adrenal  and digestive issues.

She also provides a natural fertility programme - using NaPro TECHNOLOGY where the aim is to improve natural fertility rates in infertile couples and diagnose and treat common causes of infertility, endometriosis,  polycystic ovaries, menstrual disorders, recurrent miscarriage or male factors that affects fertility, low sperm count numbers, poor motility or abnormal formation of sperm.


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