Elizabeth Salna

B.A.[Hons Psych] M.Clin Psych

Clinical Psychologist


I am a Clinical Psychologist who graduated from Flinders University In 1974.   I have an Honours degree in Psychology as well as a Master of Clinical Psychology.

Since then I have been a practitioner with a variety of government authorities: the Family Court, SA Mental Health Services, and Disability Services, and was, until recently, a member of the Guardianship Board.  I have also worked for many years in private practice in medical and community mental health settings, as well as with cancer patients and their families, and in an educative role running small group workshops in government organisations and with cancer counsellors at the Cancer Care Centre. I have been a mentor and supervisor for many student, graduate, and practising psychologists. My broad experience and expertise offers a rare opportunity for clients to find highly professional and compassionate support

My focus is on working with the individual to improve self-awareness, to develop positive means to live well and to encourage each person to express who they truly are with vibrancy.   I believe in a person’s capacity to challenge themselves, to step outside of their comfort zone, with support, and to learn new ways of living.  With every person, my aim is to find and develop an approach that will work for them long term.

I integrate my training in cognitive-behavioural therapy and mindfulness skills with emerging areas of practice such as a sensory-motor approach to complex trauma.  I have a particular interest in working with teenagers and adults with anxiety and depression who have experienced trauma, including childhood trauma.  My methods are based on the latest brain science research, especially the requirement to work with the effects of anxiety and stress held in the body; more recently termed the ‘bottom up approach’.   I have undertaken studies in the use of sound as a modality to assist people with trauma – to regulate the ‘fight-flight and freeze’ response and as a method to clear trauma based memories held in the body.  As part of my studies in this area, I have become a certified Soul Voice practitioner.

My work is also shaped by research on the importance of the therapeutic relationship. I work in collaboration with clients. I am known as open and honest, as well as down to earth, accepting and non-judgemental. I also have a capacity for genuine connection with a wide range of people. This allows me to offer solutions that are flexible and unique to the person as they arise from my intuition and creativity.

In my personal life I enjoy writing poetry as well as walking, reading, spending time in nature and attending the theatre.

I take referrals from GP’s under the Better Access scheme, which allows clients to receive a Medicare rebate. I also take private referrals if that is the choice of the client.