It’s time to focus on Mens Health issues :-



Its well known that 70% of the people seeing health practitioners on a regular basis are women – many men just don’t seem to prioritise their health in the same way and often don’t present until they have a health crisis.

Its so much better to prevent significant health issues and we would go so far as to say that its better again to create great health so that we can thrive in life and not just survive!

So, whether you are a fellow and you are reading this, or you are a pro-active woman - if you have a significant other, or a brother, or a father or a son who is overdue for a health check – now is a great time for you to dive in yourself or encourage your male friends or family members to come along and get a men’s health check!

Dr Roger Spizzo can offer a full health assessment as needed which may include digestive health issues, weight management and diet, hormone assessment (Testosterone and DHEA), a prostate health assessment, nutritional status of vitamins and minerals, a heart health check with cholesterol and blood pressure testing, and a mental health check.

Speak to one of our fabulous reception team to register for a New Patient appointment or complete our online New Patient Enquiry form, and request an appointment with Dr Roger Spizzo.

Its time to shine!