Dr Lindy Poole


Dr Lindy Poole graduated from Adelaide University in 1980. She had a long time interest in  rural medicine and so after postgraduate hospital work, city locums and European travel she and her husband moved to Kingston.S.E.

This practice became their life for 18 yrs where they serviced the local population for 7 years on their own, and then later with another GP assisting them.  They performing a full range of medical services with their own hospital which included obstetrics, women’s health, trauma and x-rays, and minor surgery.

Their three children were born during this time and life-long friends were made. It was also during this time that Dr Poole expanded her range of skills to include nutritional medicine and she completed her first A.C.N.E.M. Course in 1990.

Secondary schooling issues meant the family chose to move nearer the city and Dr Poole joined a group practice in the Adelaide Hills.  This provided an opportunity for her to increase her skills in nutritional /integrative medicine.  This led her to expand her consulting to include 2 days in an innovative genetic health clinic partnered by CSIRO NUTRITION, called Reach 100 where the demand for integrative and hormonal medicine eventually overtook the original genetic clinic.

Dr Poole has now decided to move her clinic to be amongst other integrative practitioners here at the Centre for Health and Wellbeing.  She will also continue to work 2 days a week in general practice in the hills.

Philosophically Dr Poole realises the importance and value to the patient of integrating and using the knowledge and evidence of both modern allopathic medicine and nutritional/environmental approaches.  In addition, she recognises that in many individual cases there may be value in utilising other healing disciplines and skillful allied health practitioners often form a part of the team approach. 

Dr Poole is happy to see anyone seeking help with balancing their hormones, their thyroid and adrenal function, symptoms of anxiety and depression, and digestive issues.


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