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We offer an approach to health which combines the best of both worlds - modern medicine as needed as well as deeper, more sustained healing through the use of evidence-based complementary therapies. Our Centre provides care for anyone who is dissatisfied with their current state of health. Unlike standard medical care which manages illness not wellness, we work with you to discover the underlying cause of your health issues and then guide you back to wholeness in mind, body and spirit.

Whatever your health challenges are and however long you may have been struggling, please take courage in the fact that there are people here at the Centre for Health and Wellbeing who care & who wish to come along side you in your quest for excellent health.

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News & Announcements

Dr Belinda Coyte is no longer available for consultations at the Centre for Health and Wellbeing, She is now consulting at Blackwood Family Medical Centre, 356 Shepherds Hill Rd, Blackwood.

Dr Will Liaw as of the 19th October will no longer be practicing at The Centre for Health and Wellbeing.


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